WW Tech Group Your Dependability Solution Provider

WW Tech Group (WWTG) offers world class capabilities in the design of high performance and dependable systems with design tool support. With a history of contributing to the success of programs for AIR FORCE, ARMY, DARPA, NASA, NAVY among others. For more than 20 years, we have been providing support for customers in aspects of designing, modeling, implementing, and operating dependable systems

How WW Tech Group Does It

Beginning with a history of research and combining a rigorous theoretical understanding of the principles for the design of distributed systems. Then building upon this expertise and approaching system engineering from a comprehensive system perspective.  We leverage our experience and knowledge enabling us to address cross cutting aspects affecting dependable operation, performance, and scalability. Finally, combining a fault tolerant approach to architecture and expertise in FBW critical system identification and maintenance (error detection). Thus we are experts at integrating COTS components into dependable systems. We are able to show this approach works with heterogeneous versions. Therefore facilitating iterative design solutions in the integration of diverse systems into a system-of-system architecture. Demonstrating experience in fault tolerant approach.

 WW Tech Group - Team of Innovators

We are continuously developing model-based architectural engineering tools for high dependability-safety critical systems. With extensive experience in critical system design, evaluation and verification and validation (V&V) as the foundation for our team's expertise.

WW Tech Group can help you achieve cost effective levels of dependability, availability and performance by combining leading-edge principles for fault tolerance. Additionally, these capabilities are scalable with respect to size, performance, and dependability. And are also useful in rapidly exploring design alternatives and supporting technology refresh during the system life-cycle.

The footprint and associated overhead is customizable to reduce the footprint and overhead based on requirements.

We look forward to helping you successfully design high-confidence, complex systems in the future. Click the links below to learn more about

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